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How to Download Contact’s WhatsApp Status Video and Photo

You can now download your contact’s WhatsApp Photo, Video and Status with ease. We will discuss in detail on how to get this done in our article below. One of the basic and most common features of social networking is the ability to share status and photos along with your favourite videos. This has been the prominent feature of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp among the many others. You can view them, react to them. But how do you download and save them to your phone?

WhatsApp Status to Download and Share

Since the introduction of the status feature in WhatsApp, the feature has become an entertainment spot for those times you have absolutely nothing better to do. While there are those friends who update real solemn personal stuffs, or even spiritually uplifting thoughts, there are also those who simply make you laugh with their funny Whatsapp Status, Videos or Photos.

Download Contact's WhatsApp Status Video

You might have come across those friends who kept asking you to send those funny video you uploaded on your status. Or maybe you asked a friend for it. Please send me the full photo or video of your status. Tell you what? You don’t have to ask them anymore. You can download your contact’s WhatsApp status videos easily. Here’s how.

How to Download Your Contact’s WhatsApp Status Video or Photo

First Method:

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp
  • Go to Status menu and open or view the status of your contact you want to download
  • Exit the WhatsApp app and go to your phone’s File Manager
  • From the File Manager, select the options (three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner). When a small menu pops up, click ‘Show Hidden Files’.
  • Now go to the Folder labeled – WhatsApp > Media> .statuses from File manager. Note that all your contact’s WhatApp statuses will be shown here.
  • From here, simply copy or move that video or photo you want to another folder
  • You now have downloaded your contact’s WhatsApp status Video or Photo

Alternative Method:

If you face nay problem locating the Hidden Files, here’s another an alternative way for you. Download Status Downloader for WhatsAppfrom Google Play Store.

  • Install and run the App. You will find a Start option, select that.
  • Open the status you want to download on WhatsApp
  • Open Status Downloader for WhatsApp, where all your WhatsApp contact’s statuses are visible
  • Click the Download button on the status.
  • It’s even easier than the first method.

Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos from PC

If the above two options are not possible or you are using WhatsApp from your PC, here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to WhatsApp Web. It’s URL is httpss://
  • Sign in to it. For that, open WhatsApp on your Phone and Click WhatsApp web. Scan the barcode.
  • From the status menu, open the status video or photo you want to download
  • Right click with your mouse on your desktop and click Save Image to start downloading the video/photo
  • It’s pretty simple. You must have downloaded images from Google the same way.

Final Words and Bye Bye to Status Video/Photo Requests

Once you learn the above methods, it’s very easy to download your contact’s WhatsApp status videos and photos. you need not ask your friends to send you that funny WhatsApp status Video or cool photo they posted. Simple follow any of the above steps and download quietly. Steal your contact’s WhatsApp statuses. WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to communicated nowadays. It’s popularity is growing everyday. Simple and clean interface with no advertisements. It’s the hottest IM currently available for free in the open market for public.



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