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Live Stream PUBG Mobile from iPhone to Facebook

PUBG Mobile is indeed a popular game among the youths and we are not the one to introduce its popularity. And while this hot online Battle Royale Mobile game is played by millions of mobile gamers worldwide, we are certain that some of you might be looking for how to live stream PUBG Mobile game from your iPhone to your Facebook wall. So here’s our guide to do that exactly.

To recall the popularity of PUBG Mobile, take a look at the screenshot below taken on 23rd January 2019. This shows how many players have upgraded their Royale Pass (called RP) to Elite Royale Pass.

Live stream PUBG Mobile

So yeah, more than 2 million players have Elite Royale Pass Upgrade. You know there are more players who have not upgraded. That’s pretty self explanatory there right? Anyways going back to our topic on how to live stream PUBG Mobile Game from your iPhone to your Facebook Wall.

How do I live stream PUBG Mobile Game from iPhone to Facebook?

Live Stream PUBG Mobile from iPhone using Mobcrush app.

In order to live stream your PUBG Mobile Gameplay from your iPhone to your Facebook Wall or Youtube channel, follow the process below.

What you’ll need…

  1. Your iPhone, Obviously. iPhones come with built in screen recorder which is very handy. You can add shortcut by navigating to your settings >> control panel >> screen recorder. Click on the + sign on the right to add to your home screen control panel.
  2. Mobcrush app. Download Mobcrush from appstore and install it. Open the app and login to your Facebook and Youtube from whichever platform you intend to go live (live stream your gameplay).

Once you have authorised Mobcrush on your Facebook and/or YouTube, save settings and you’re all set. Now, the next thing is to start your live streaming.

Live stream PUBG Mobile Game on your Facebook wall or YouTube channel

Now that you have all the required tools to go live, swipe your control from bottom up and long press the screen record button. You will find two options – record screen and Mobcrush broadcast. Select the Game you want to broadcast. In this case it will be your PUBG Mobile Game no doubt. Select Mobcrush and click “Start Broadcasting”. You iPhone screen is now live on your social media profile. Start PUBG Mobile and enjoy! In order to check and view your own live game, log on to your Facebook and you can see it from your wall.


Mobcrush is free so you can use it to conveniently share your screen live on social media for your friends to watch your gameplay. Also you can set the resolution upto 480p which is clear enough. In case you have issue with volume being too low, try using earphones and the audio issue will be fixed. For hardcore PUBG Mobile fans, we also have an article on how to get Free UC Credits in PUBG Mobile.



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