What’s new in the Latest WordPress 5.2 Update?

Good news to all WordPress Bloggers – The latest WordPress 5.2 Update has now been released and available for all. You can simply log on to your admin dashboard and one-click update it to WordPress 5.2. With that said, what are the features of the latest WordPress 5.2 update? Let’s see and discuss them in detail in today’s article.

Why is WordPress Such a Great Platform for Blogging?

Before we get to the point, let’s once again remind ourselves why WordPress is a great blogging platform. The fact that it’s open source Content management System (CMS) with lots of themes, powerful plugins available for free as well as premium versions is already enough reason to choose this platform for blogging. From image optimisation to SEO, from autoblogging to subscription or digital downloads to ecommerce – the platform is suitable for anyone to start a business or a hobby blogging with. There are hundreds of thousands of free WordPress themes, free plugins available at the WordPress repository. Please note that here we are talking about and not the In, you can create free blog using a subdomain or you can even use your own custom domain. has limited controls compared to

Features of WordPress 5.2 Update May 2019

So this is the heart of our today’s topic we’ve been waiting for. Let’s see what all features came with the latest WordPress 5.2 Update released in May 2019. Here they are:

Security Update on WordPress 5.2

This is one of the most critical requirement of any system, especially in the digital world. Phishing, Brute Force and many other exploits and hacking occur everyday to thousands and thousands of websites. WordPress is no exception to this as there are certain security loopholes many hackers try to hack into. Many unsecure plugins and nulled themes provides loopholes to this. As far as the CMS is concerned, WordPress 5.2 Update came with more control to identify and fix any issues and errors.

Wordpress 5.2 Update Security

Site Health Check for WordPress

WordPress Site Health Features were first introduced in WordPress 5.1 Update. In the current version, this features has been improved by adding additional pages for the sole purpose of debugging with configuration errors. Check out what WordPress said about them below.

Site Health Check WordPress 5.2 Update

PHP Error Protection

This one comes as an administrator-focused update. It will let you safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time. It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death,” (WSOD) and a way to enter recovery mode, which pauses error-causing plugins or themes.

Other General Improvements on WordPress 5.2 Update

Up till now, the updates came more of a fix. However, WordPress 5.2 Update also brings in more general improvement in the area of Accessibility and Dashboard icons. A number of changes were brought about to improve contextual awareness and keyboard navigation flow for those using screen readers and other assistive technologies. This was pretty much required.

In the Dashboard section, there are 13 new icons that includes Instagram, a suite of icons for BuddyPress, and rotated Earth icons for global inclusion. You can find them in the Dashboard next time you log in.

Final Words and Wrap Up

WordPress is growing everyday. In fact more than 30% of the world’s web page is powered by WordPress alone. Moreover, updates to fix security issues and addition of new features come in on a regular basis and this only makes the CMS better and better. It’s easy to set up, free and used and tested by many. So you know you’re in good hands. We are extremely happy and give all due credits to the contributors for coming up with the latest WordPress 5.2 Update. So what are you waiting for? Go to your admin dashboard and try the latest WordPress Update now.



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